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Dear Educators, Members of Sharek Forum

The main purpose of founding this forum is to create a cultural, educational exchange environment where the members share their experiences and opinions in a positive way in all the educational aspects of their specialties in their educational fields. This forum aims at developing the self-learning methodology for educators and it also aims to emphasize the knowledge exchange and constructive dialogue among its members based on the mutual respect and understanding to enhance the cooperation between the entities. These rules are applied on all discussions in categories, sub-categories and general forum posts, also these rules are mandatory in all cases, these rules have been set to ensure a healthy communication environment. Violation of any of these Terms may subject you to suspension and denial of participation, as in the case of the disclosure of registration with a fake identity, the same action shall be taken.

User’s registration:

  1. By registering in the forum, the user agrees to abide by these rules.
  2. In order to register in the forum the user must have an e-mail
  3. Choosing a Nickname is your absolute right and the administration has the right to take action to reject a nickname, if its use is harmful to public morals or offends other members of the forum. It is prevented to register with a nickname, which is very similar to another user that might lead to confusion of other members.
  4. It is prohibited for the same user to register more than once, regardless of the target, to be registered for. This action will lead to permanent blocking of the user
  5. It is strictly forbidden to change the name of membership or registration to another membership for the purpose of changing the name or nickname registered here in the support forum, and this work prevents the user permanently.
  6. If there is no activity in the forum for a long time your account will be canceled.

General conduct system in the forum:

  1. Communication through the forum is based on public morals or according to the ethics of the Internet.
  2. It is strictly prohibited to use inappropriate words, slurs, obscene words, regardless of their content and to whom they are addressed, even if the characters are replaced by symbols.
  3. Any advertisement is strictly prohibited, even if it is an advertisement for an Internet project (except in cases where agreement is reached with the management of the Forum).
  4. Your signature in the forum should not exceed the limit (
  5. lines). Signature is subject to the rules of the messages in the forum.
  6. It is absolutely forbidden to comment on the administrative decisions, or to state your opinion negatively on the managers or administrators of the forum, and the violation may put you on hold
  7. Participation format:
    • Font should not exceed 12pt
    • Images do not exceed 500x500 and the size does not exceed 250KB
  8. The inadmissibility of generalization by launching a negative or sectarian status and going into political matters where the purpose of this forum is to raise the scientific culture of teachers in various disciplines.
  9. The intellectual property rights of members and management of the forum must not be violated. It is not permissible to copy their subjects and transfer them to other sites without obtaining the written approval of the owner of the subject and sending a copy of the approval to the administration by special mail. Suspension of the member of the violator for a period not less than two weeks and not more than six months, as decided by the supervisory team after each case study separately.

Relationship between user and management:

  1. The administration acts rationally and also complies with the internal rules of the forum.
  2. Discussion of the conduct of the administration (managers and supervisors) is strictly prohibited in any form or subject, except for the technical category which will have the discussions of all technical aspects of the framework of the site and the forum.

Posting process:

  1. The subject must be useful and relevant to education and be clear
  2. Before writing a question make sure it is in the right place and has not been put before
  3. It is forbidden to write similar posts in different categories or sub-categories.
  4. It is prohibited to put links in the support forum for explanations in other forums
  5. It is strictly prohibited to write your e-mail or attempt to communicate with members to provide services through external means such as instant messaging programs (Messenger, Skype, ICQ, ...etc.)
  6. It is strictly forbidden to direct topics and write them to specific persons
  7. It is forbidden to write several different topics in a short time containing separate questions, one topic is enough.
  8. It is forbidden to write topics related to profit and have a link in their content intended to increase the profit of the owner of the subject in one way or another, this act leads to transferring the subject to the archive, and in case of repetition the user will be suspended.

Text, images and signatures

  1. The signature image and each signature should not be larger than 60x350 pixels and the image must be clear
  2. The font size should not be greater than 10. This includes the signature. The exception must be approved by management.
  3. Image size is not more than 500x400 pixels.
  4. Gif images are not allowed in the avatar (picture).

The administration has the right to change the rules of the forum without informing the users. All changes and updates are made in the forum taking into account the opinions and needs of users.